About us

About us

Shunde yongchang machinery co., LTD is a professional design and manufacture in a body's set of screen printing equipment manufacturers. Company self-built eight thousand square meters production base, located in guangdong shunde xinghua high-tech industrial park. Years of trials and hardships, yongchang development shape, equipped with advanced production equipment, accumulated the abundant production technical force, perfect production technology process is established. Thereby, yongchang new products constantly, and win broad affirmation and praise of the industry.

Nowadays, yongchang carefully developed suitable for screen printing market demand at home and abroad of all kinds of screen printing equipment, a total of more than 20 varieties, as many as forty balance. The company in line with quality first, after-sales service oriented spirit of enterprise, won the trust and support of the broad masses of users, the products sell well all over the country, some products are exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and other places.

Yongchang goal: to keep up with the development of screen printing industry in the world, driven by society, to the user is supreme, unceasingly enterprising, expand continuously, for the majority of users to provide more quality products, into a higher level of screen printing field.

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