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Fully automatic roll to roll

Roll to roll for screen printing, flexible circuit boards, electronic membrane switch button, display, electronic (LED), (LCD), nameplate, electrical name plate (IMD) (on IML).

Multicolor printing automatic electric eye counterpoint, microcomputer control, automatic detection color scale, automatic stop fault occur.

Printing and feed use bar after motor, back to speed can be set in a random block, ink, ink printing, back from numerical Settings can be performed.

Automatic printing quantity calculation, and can be set up automatic stop printing times.

Photoelectric control feeding and discharging, to avoid the surface damage of substrates.

USES the Japanese "CHUOSEIKI" micrometer precision apparatus, adjustable electric eye accuracy to 0.005 mm.

Machine equipped with dust entrance roller two article, can clean the material surface and bottom ash.

Machine equipped with three suction device, can according to the material requirements, which can adjust the strong winds, weak wind or shut down.

Technical parameters



SDL-4050 SDL-4070
Printing Area Max. 380×500mm 380×700mm
Screen frame Size Max 700×800mm 700×1100mm

Into the material width

150×400mm 150~400mm

Feeding seat Coil diameter Max.

Ф500mm Ф500mm
Receiving seat Coil diameter Max. Ф500mm Ф500mm

Receiving shaft diameter

Ф75mm Ф75mm

Printing range

600mm 800mm
Material thickness range 0.07~0.38mm 0.07~0.38mm
Printing efficiency 1800次/H 1800次/H

Printing the drive motors (look after)

0.75KW 0.75KW

The leading driving motor (look after)


Feeding a motor (frequency)

0.2KW 0.2KW

The workbench vacuum motor

0.75KW 0.75KW

Air pressure

4~7kg/cm2 4~7kg/cm2

Size of the host (LXWXH)

2.37×1.3×1.78m 2.5×1.3×1.78m

The machine total power

2.7KW 2.7KW

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