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P Semi-automatic pneumatic flat screen printing machine

Membrane switches/instrument, flexible circuit boards, trademark, ceramic decals, frescoes, and daily surface matching color printing packaging decoration.

Key parts choose "REXROTH" in Germany, Japan "NAIS", "SMC", "THK", Italy "PMEUMAX" and other well-known brands.

Technical parameters

Model P-4560 P-6080 P-60100
Printing Area Max. 450×600mm 600×800mm 600×1000
Screen frame Size Max 750×1000mm 900×1200mm 900×1400mm
Workbench Area 600×800mm 700×1000mm 700×1200mm
Mechanical capacity 850P/h 800P/h 720P/h
Printing Thickness 0-40mm
Mechanical Repeat Precision 0.03mm
Air pressure 5~7(bar)/0.5~0.7(MPa)
Air Consumption 35L(cycle)
Apply power 220V/50Hz~60Hz(Single phase)
The total power 0.75KW 0.75KW 0.9KW

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