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PA-J 3/4Automatic run desktop precision flat screen printing machine

Dedicated to circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, guide plate, cold plate, liquid crystal display (LCD) and other high precision printing/film

 Touch human-machine interface, digital Settings, a variety of functions, in any convenient call and predictable pattern, easy to operate.

European style design, belt head inclined pendulum and ink scraper leak proof device.

With automatic output institution, can connect dry line, increase production capacity.

Key components selected Germany "the SEW", "REXROTH", Japan "NAIS", "THK", "SMC" well-known brands.

Note: (optional dust removal in addition to electrostatic device)

Technical parameters


Model PA-J5575 PA-J6590 PA-J7610 PA-J1014
Printing Area Max. 550×750mm 650×900mm 760×1070mm 1000×1400
Screen frame Size Max 1050×1100mm 1150×1200mm 1300×1400mm 1500×1800mm
Workbench Area 900×1150mm 950×1200mm 1060×1370mm 1300×1650mm
Mechanical capacity 750P/h 720P/h 600P/h 500P/h
Printing Thickness 0-20mm
Mechanical Repeat Precision 0.02mm
Air pressure 5~7(bar)/0.5~0.7(MPa)
Air Consumption 15L(cycle)
Apply power 380V/50Hz~60Hz(three-phase four-wire)
The total power 2.5KW 2.5KW 3KW 4KW

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