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DZ series intelligent automatic positioning drilling drone

Specifically for single and double panels, multilayer, flexible (FPC) plate, plate, (PET) film (PC) film, the benchmark of nameplate, punch positioning hole.

n Automatic control of microcomputer, CCD visual search target, target shape is not restricted, drilling quickly and accurately.

n X/Y moving platform and the key of the main shaft hoist parts were picked from Japan "THK", "SMC" and other well-known brands. Improve the motion precision and service life.

n Water cooled high speed electric spindle, high penetration rate of up to 60000 r/min, is suitable for the application of a variety of materials.

n Windows Chinese interface, simple and convenient operation.

Technical parameters:

speed of mainshaft 3-5万/min(adjustable) 3-6万/min(adjustable)

The hole diameter

φ0.3~3.5mm φ1~6mm

Drilling accuracy

+/-0.015mm +/-0.015mm

drilling speed

0.6秒/孔 0.8秒/孔

design dimension

Apply power 220V/50Hz~60HzSingle phase
Using work pressure 6~7(bar)/0.6~0.7(MPa)
The total power 1.5KW

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